Eagle Adventist Christian School & Preschool

Summer Daily Schedule

Summer Daily Schedule
7:00 Arrival- Free Choice Indoor/Gym
8:30 "Walkin' Talkin' Eagles" Walking Club (Earn tokens for each mile walked)
9:00 Snack (Provided)
9:15 Songs and Bible Story
9:30 Outside/Prepare to leave for daily activity
10:00 Activity (Field Trip, Craft, Water Activity, Movie, Science, etc)
12:00 Lunch (Students provide) Milk available on days we are at the school
1:00 Quiet time (Preschoolers Nap/K & Up Gym/Stage)
1:30 Team Challenge and Planned Game, Activity, Craft, etc for non-nappers
2:00 Free Choice in Gym
3:00 Summer Reading Program/Preschoolers Wake Up
3:20 Snack (Provided)
3:30 Outside or Gym Play
5:00 Inside Table Games 
6:00 Closing
**Schedule subject to change with field trips times.                
Naps will be omitted on afternoon field trips and swimming as the pools are not open until 1:30pm.