Eagle Adventist Christian School & Preschool

This program is designed for the student who has already had Kindergarten or who is older and is not quite ready to be in an academic environment for the entire day. Students meet with the first-grade teacher in the morning and the Kindergarten teacher in the afternoon. During the morning, students will work on phonics, pre-reading, math, Bible, and handwriting skills. They will be placed according to where they are academically, and progress from there. By the end of the year most students will cover between one-third & one-half of the skills normally taught in first grade. More advanced students may make greater progress. This program is only for those committed to attending pre-first and first grade in our school. In the afternoons the students meet with the Kindergarten class where their learning is more group and activity oriented. They will work on science, social studies, art activities, physical education and music. Even though they are with the Kindergarten class they will be working at more advanced level than the Kindergarten student.

In the morning they are placed in individualized or small group activities in reading, math, language arts, and Bible.  They spend their afternoons in group activities in social science, science, art, music, and physical education with the kindergarten class.

This program requires a two year commitment designed to have the student ready for second grade by the end of the second year. Since the program is designed for the student and individualized as needed to meet their needs the progress is up to the student.  Some students achieve well above the beginning second grade level at the end of two years.